Out Dec 8: Christmas On The Moon

The evening is getting dark and a lost soft snowflake quietly falls from a deep gray winter sky onto the last lonely golden leaf, desperately clinging to the sleeping mother tree with all its might. Inside the fire is warm, the mood is merry and the music is rocking… get ready for a DOUBLE CREAM CHRISTMAS! ❄️ For years we’ve wanted to write a Christmas song because… well, a person can only take so much “All I Want for Christmas is You” 😅 so recently Dawn Brothers & DeWolff got together again to record not one, but TWO original Double Cream Christmas songs! 🎄 the A side of the 7” vinyl we’re releasing on December 8th takes the listener back to the space age, when people were undoubtedly dreaming of a “Christmas On The Moon”, of laser-eyed snowmen and Santa roaming the dark vacuum of space on his hypersonic sleigh! 🚀 🛷 everything you’re hearing was recorded live to analog tape in a big room at the new Electrosaurus Studio in Maastricht for that big beautiful organic 60’s sound ♥️ these songs will surely make you feel alright, so hold on tight and enjoy the mighty sleighride! 🧑‍🎄

Order 7″ vinyl: https://suburban.nl/product/dewolff-dawn-brothers-christmas-on-the-moon/

‘(Do The) Double Cream’ single – out now!

You heard about the Boogaloo. You heard about the Twist. But we got a brand new thing; it’s called the Double Cream and it goes like this! It’s easy, it’s breezy and once you got it it’s hard to stop it! DeWolff and Dawn Brothers got together one more time before the dismantling of DeWolff’s Electrosaurus Studio in Utrecht to record two brand new anthems. One of them’s called “(Do The) Double Cream” and it suggests a brand new efficient way of dancing… Curious? Just follow the instructions from the lyrics!
On June 30 the second song will be released, together with a limited edition 7″ vinyl that will contain both songs