New album: Dusk (out now!)

Last summer, we traveled to a villa in France, far away from the mess of 2020. We set up a studio in the living room, fired up the barbecue, changed our jeans for swimming trunks, and started recording the album. It contains 8 songs created in pure summer bliss.

On Dusk, we searched for a new sound and a new way of writing. Compared to previous releases, the process of recording Dusk is more aligned with our vision on how music should be created. The cornerstone of this album is its intolerance of excess and the avoidance of gimmicks. This vision resulted in the album having a certain purity of sound and the songs having a more simplistic nature.
On one hand, the album represents four years of brotherhood and friendship. On the other, we created a sonic world where you can imagine yourself sitting by the pool on a warm summer day, hearing the drums and guitars echo through the valley below the house where Dusk was recorded.

Listen to the album here:
Watch the video for the leading track In My Dreams here:

New member: Tammo Deuling!

Besides announcing our new album Dusk, we also are very glad to announce our new member Tammo Deuling. He’s been a good friend of the band for years and he’s a very talented bass player, singer and songwriter.

But the sad new is: Levi Vis has left the band last February. After recording Dusk he found his dreams regarding Dawn Brothers fulfilled and left the group for an individual journey in music.

Together with Tammo we’re working very hard on new music and shows are slowly entering our schedule again.
See you soon!